10 hotels in Armenia that are definitely worth a visit.

There are a lot of different hotels and hostels in Armenia and there are those that are required to visit.
They are distinguished from the rest and will be remembered by all guests without exception.

At our request, Ani Chloyan compiled a list of unusual hotels. They are impossible to be overlooked and not to book a room in one of them.

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Hotel Mirhav

The boutique hotel is located in the city of Goris, in the south of Armenia. It is convenient to stay here if you are going to see the Tatev Monastery, the megalithic complex Zorats Karer, the Shaki waterfall. In addition for those who take a leisurely trip to Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh), the hotel is perfect for 1 night.

The hotel is the hallmark of Goris and in addition to the fact that the hotel is decorated in an authentic style and it is nice to be here. There is another feature that few people know about. If you are lucky enough to live in room 50 then by clicking on the elevator button you will immediately fall into your chambers.

Facebook page: facebook.com/MirhavHotel/

Hotel Arevi

“Arevi” is translated from the Armenian language as “sunny” and here it is really very sunny and cozy. This is because people come here who lead a very active lifestyle: they do yoga and cycling, go hiking and all that you can do in the mountains. This place is often called a place of power, since Arevi is located next to the Smbataberd fortress which dates back to the 5th century.

The fortress was built at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level, on a cliff and the way how they could build it there is amazing. Only tremendous fortitude can push it. And besides, for the entire existence of the fortress, the most magnificent dynasties of Armenia lived here: Bagratuni, Orbelian and even Roman emperors during the reign of Rome.

Arevi is a hotel, which should be on the obligatory list of visiting a traveler in Armenia.

Facebook page: facebook.com/HotelAREVI/

Alpine Castle Dilijan

Getting here for a moment it seemsdoubtful that you are in Armenia. The complex was built in an unusual style for Armenia, the name says this for itself. Moreover, it is so integrated into the environment that now in its place nothing else can be imagined. The hotel is located in Dilijan — the most popular city in the north-east of Armenia.

Alpine Castel is located far away from civilization in the forest, which makes it possible to break away from it all and completely renewed. Be sure to book at least 2-3 nights to enjoy everything.

Facebook page: facebook.com/alpinecastledilijan/

Berlin Art Hotel

This unusual hotel is located in the cultural capital of Armenia, Gyumri. After the 1988 earthquake, with the support of the German Red Cross, the Berlin Center for Mother and Child was established in Gyumri. In 1996, part of the hospital was transformed into a guest house in Berlin, then many people came there with a special help mission. After the hotel was renovated and renamed to Berlin Art Hotel, where the hotel and Gallery 25 are now located.
Each room has a mini-gallery where works by contemporary Gyumri artists are presented. With the help of this gallery many artists and masters were able to exhibit and sell their work abroad.

Facebook page: facebook.com/berlinARThotel/

Lastiver Resort

If you just need to relax and have a rest with a beautiful view then choose this hotel! It is located right on a cliff under a bright starry sky. The hotel has a heated pool. In the fall when the whole of Armenia dresses in golden color you can come here for a few days.

The hotel is located in Yenokavan and this is one of the greenest regions of Armenia. From here you can also drive to Yell Extreme Park and ride a zip line.

Facebook page: facebook.com/lastiverresort/

Concept Hotel by COAF

This is not just a hotel but a hotel with a special purpose and to be part of something special you just need to come here and live. A total of 12 rooms that are integrated into the COAF SMART Campus, where the COAF SMART Center is located.

What is COAF?
This is the charity organization Children of Armenia Charitable Fund, which decided to create an educational center in the Lori region for children from nearby villages. Children as well as adults can study here for free after their classes. The subjects are completely different: robotics, IT, a language center, art and dance, music, economics and tourism.

The center was built by Lebanese architect Paul Kaloustian, he managed to create something that at first glance can change your paradigm. The hotel also meets all the requirements of a 4 * boutique hotel although it was originally a guest house.

The design of the rooms, panoramic windows that open before you all the beauty of the surrounding nature, a special atmosphere that envelops you with the love of this project. This is all that you can get here.

Facebook page: facebook.com/conceptbycoaf/

Debed Life

Hotels are the houses of the future! It was this motto that Tatevik was able to realize — the founder of the Debed Life project which announced its discovery not so long ago.

Today travelers around the world increasingly prefer small comfortable houses where there are all the amenities of a high-level hotel but there are not a large number of people. Where they can live and work at the same time, go hiking, do not depend on the opening hours of restaurants in a word be free.

What could be better than living in a comfortable environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city with good wi-fi?

Facebook page: facebook.com/debedlife/

Villa Hotels

3 diamonds 2 of which are located in Yerevan and one in Gyumri. Why do we call them diamonds among the rest because the owners of this chain were able to create a mix of authenticity and luxury. Hotel buildings are old houses. Since the owner of these hotels is Italian, it could not do without Italian taste and a palette of colors. Each hotel is a house of the 18-19th century with its rich history and heritage.

Architectural elements are part of each room, the overall design is based on a warm palette of mixed wood and stone with Armenian carpets, ceramics from the workshop and a fascinating collection of ethnic and antique furniture to complement the interior. The general feeling of staying in a relaxed, comfortable house full of antiques and art!
Villa Hotels are small pieces of Italy in Armenia.

Facebook pages: facebook.com/HotelVillaKars/ , facebook.com/HotelVillaDelenda/


The new hotel opened in 2019. It should be noted that the founders of this hotel have long been engaged in the restaurant business in Armenia and very successfully.

Therefore, if you like modern comfortable living conditions, delicious food and good music then your choice will be made correctly!

Facebook page: facebook.com/Dilijazz.Hotel.and.Restaurant/

Apaga Resort

If you have been to Armenia but have not been to Apaga Resort then you have not been to Armenia! This complex is a visiting card of Armenia for some reason.

Firstly, the location: Tavush region is one of the most beautiful in Armenia and one of the greenest. In addition to houses with beautiful views, a large territory where horses are impressively strolling, the Apaga Resort complex also includes Yell Extreme Park — the first extreme amusement park in Armenia.
If you wanted to ride on a zipline with beautiful views, then there you are!

Facebook page: facebook.com/ApagaResort/

© Translation in English: Aram Zulumyan

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